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Perla Serfaty-Garzon 's academic career as a professor at the Université de Strasbourg in France includes positions as a Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor in the United States, visiting professorships in Canada (Recipient of the J.I. Segal Litterary Award, 2014, Prix de la réussite, Campagne Sépharade 2000 de la Fédération CJA, Prix de la réussite 1998 de la Fédération CJA, Honoree at Women's Federation CJA "Dining with the Top", 1998) and Sweden and as guest lecturer in universities in Europe as well as in North and South America. Her training is in sociology, social psychology and philosophy. She presently lives and works as a writer, an essayist and a journalist in Montreal, Canada. Her research and publications in Environmental Psychology and Urban Sociology focus on urban open and public places and public sociability; cultural landscapes and architectural and urban heritage; as well as on the concept of home and home territories, home as a place for the self, appropriation of the home, loss of home and exile from home, home and the experience of aging. Her books are published in Paris by Armand Colin and Bayard Éditions as well as in Montréal by Bayard Canada.
Perla Serfaty-Garzon lectures in Europe and North America and conducts consultancy work for government agencies and private companies. She writes expert papers for the general public media and gives radio and TV interviews.